Love Me Freebies



I’m late on this, but it’s thanks to seeing it on other blogs, that I knew what goodies were with the magazine. I bought these mags last week, oops so even more late with this blog post. If I’m honest I don’t buy magazines anymore like I used too, no real reason other than just got bored, my concentration span just about allows me to read couple of blogs, so answer to your question nope not read both magazines yet. Have tried out the lipgloss, nude shine to the lips. Nail polishes can’t wait to use, as always see it all over the blogs, but I find Ciate nail polish expensive (in my opinion), so my hands don’t gravitate to them, I am cheapskate. Finally get to see what the hype is about, buy a magazine, have a read paint nails win win. Honestly blogs are my magazines to me, as I’m nosey, like getting views on multiple things, honest reviews. As type this watching Big Brother UK finale, announced the winner, what load of horse shit, underserved winner, sorry. Any way rambled enough… Cheerio

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