Alokui Moisturiser Review

Lets start from the beginning, was on twitter if you don’t follow me already, you really should @loopysos, saw it on my feed, a retweet about this moisturiser company, me thinking nothing of it, however I thought open to trying new product. I spoke to them directly, I was open with them that I have dry flaky skin, for real, its nothing new, I’ve grown up with having eczema, sensitive skin, heat rashes as soon as get too warm, thankfully it’s not constant thing, comes and goes. They was like try it, could potentially work, so if they was up for the challenge, so was I.

The moisturiser was gifted to me, however I am not being sponsored for this post, this is me just talking about product that you may like. Real talk tried this on my face, not sure if you can use it for that, the time frame I used it, still had flaky eyebrows, parts of my forehead wasn’t working for me, so stopped using it for that part.

On brighter note the moisturiser itself, is lovely consistency, it has nice little scent (it’s not scented perfume cream, don’t worry), nothing over powerful, just subtle smell, I really like it. I’m not good at describing smells sorry, even asked my partner he said it just smells nice, yeah so there you have it, haha. Using it as body cream, at first I was sceptic as do have certain parts of my arms thats flaky (could be eczema, or the body wash using at the time could of irritated my skin), so was like hmm, it’s not working, however as cream as whole, my body is less ashy, doesn’t just feel like it slips off within a hour. So it was working as a cream, kept at it for my arms, my carer asked how it is working for you, at that time, I was like hmmm I like it, but….. Now after using it for longer period I’m more yes I like it, starting to help my patchy flaky part on my arms little more. One of my carers really like the cream, so you may have a buyer 😉

Forgot to mention the cream has natural ingredients that helps in different ways. That’s enough about me talking about it. Any creams you been loving lately? Let me know.

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