My First Holiday In Very Long Time, Eastbourne I Love You

Long overdue break, so we went to Eastbourne for the weekend (couple weeks ago), lovely little holiday. Been long time since I’ve had holiday, with my health playing huge factor, so to me it was special, so I imagine when I get the chance to go abroad I think I be emotional wreck with tears of joy, as like I always said if this illness taught me anything, it’s about appreciating everything, don’t take things for granted as cliche as that might sound, it’s true. So while on holiday I ate and ate, enjoyed what Eastbourne seaside had to offer, it was sad that the pier was closed off, of course due to the fire that happened there not long ago. However you could of just left me on the beach I would of been happy, soaking up my surroundings. Just sad couldn’t adventure more, but the holiday was good nonetheless. Will be doing separate post on the museum we visited there etc. Hope you like the holiday snapshots. From here I let the pictures do the talking.

The last pic was taken when we was going home, sad face, always the drama queen that I am.

Are you someone who likes the seaside? Or are you lucky enough to live on the coast let me know.

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