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Day Trip To The Beach – Great Yarmouth

Couple of weeks ago had family day out at to the beach, it’s our little tradition for the last couple of years we’ve been going to Great Yarmouth, sadly I’ve not always attended. This year it was so hot which is rare as it’s been warm yes, raining stormy weather but not hot like this all day long, superb weather.

Great Yarmouth is sand and pebble beach, with still the old skool feel to it which I love. Everybody just enjoying themselves, friendly family environment, it was great day out, I even got to dip my feet in the water with some assistance (help), I did get bit wobbly towards the end as by then I was exhausted but glad I got to enjoy myself nonetheless.

Do you have tradition with family/friends/partners a place (location) you go to every year? I would love to hear.

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