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Ritzy Brixton Bar

Kids Meal

Vegetarian Burger

If you read my blog thinking another food post back to back, truth be told when I do have chance to go out for a meal I like to document it as my picture diary. My dear friends bless them (lovely bunch), took me out, treated me for a meal. So my friends kept telling me about this place, I know of the cinema been there several times but I’ve never eaten at the cafe there. They sold me on the home made houmous like I LOVE houmous so I was like yes take me there. That first mouthful of it, I knew straight away me and the houmous was meant to be. The food was delicious. I loved the kids menu (nice selection) and the fact served with salad I don’t know just thought good little thing. Cool place to go for a meal, or just a hot drink or beverage.

My apologies that it’s another Brixton place, well last post was Clapham. However I am South Londoner girl so it’s to be expected me posting about South London places. But don’t worry won’t be all focused same area in future posts.

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