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Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery

So for the longest time I’ve wanted cakes from Meg Rivers, since they followed me on twitter, from there I checked out their website and fell in love instantly with the yumminess they have on their. So I was ever so happy when I received this as belated valentines gift from my partner. Finally blogging about it now.

Lovely great packaging, of course it came inside
 box however that has my address in big bold letters.

Inside the lovely box. 2 muffins, 2 batch of heart shaped cookies.

Double Chocolate goodness, on my Hello Kitty plate ready to eat.

Thought I took more pictures, however I was to busy eating and enjoying the food. Needless to say it was yummy, quality, and will for sure be repeat customer. Packaging is cute, elegant, and well put together. Their customer service is good, friendly. And so glad to finally of  had one of Meg River goodies. If you someone like me who loves their food, supports small business’s where you can, should definitely check them out, splurge, treat yourself. It be worth it. Yes I know it isn’t on the cheap side, however they cater for celebrations of all kinds.

Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery Website:
Facebook Page:

If you do purchase anything or check them out please let me know, and no not getting no commission or anything, I just like to know as I am nosey, and be nice to see if you like it too.

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