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Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery My Love Continues

Very late posting this, rest assured the cakes got devoured way before the date on the label. Cute little brownie hearts was my valentines gift, needless to say I had precious moment with my cake, I bet you thought I was going to say with my boyfriend ha ha.. The brownie and I had dates together, quality time. I am fully aware I am talking about food but I thought I spread my Loopy to you, personality not my lady part Loopy, Er no.

Back to the brownies, they are soft with bit of crunch to it. Tasty not overly sweet how other brownies can be, like that sickly sweetness. So my love continues for this bakery, if I lived near the bakery (cafe) itself or was on holiday near the area, I would defiantly visit.

Meg Rivers Website 

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