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Having A Bad Week

This is going to be somewhat rant blog post so do apologise in advance, however for me this is outlet. Started Tuesday 3rd February coming from the bathroom really bad kidney pains started, so bad I passed out, my partner rang for ambulance, once the paramedics got here, partner had to tell them list of illnesses I have, the medication I take and what was happening, as I was unresponsive. In great deal of pain my partner told me I puked everywhere, which sometimes does happen when I am in great deal of pain. All the while I’m still not all there, as one of my illnesses is depression which is normal when you have chronic illness but for some reason one paramedic got it in her head that I over dosed, asking my partner load of questions, repeating questions. At that point had injection in my arm, in the ambulance tubes down my nose, down my mouth, unaware what’s fully going on. Only fully woke up when in hospital (A&E), to an IV attached to me, being bombarded with questions of my medication when do I take them, have I taken more than I should, completely baffled too why, what’s this got to do with my side pains, I honestly thought they was talking about someone else overdosed not thinking it was me they was on about. Mind boggling how paramedic came to the conclusion it was overdose. Guess what happened, my clothing got cut through, nurse told me had to cut through, so yay another piece of clothing destroyed… Returning home taxi took forever to turn up. Get home, been long day, get my dinner which is in pottery baking tray the thing breaks in my hands, which cuts both my hands, blood dripping everywhere, then top it off going to bed, my neighbour downstairs decides to be daily arsehole blast music out to the early hours.

Next day up first thing hospital appointment, taxi took long to arrive once again. Thursday morning building work downstairs same neighbour who blasts music all hours. Friday morning appointment with the GP, back on antibiotics, always seem to be on one form or another. More building work downstairs. And now just got a call that hospital appointment I have next week 3 days before appointment that they have rescheduled it for different day, so happens to be day I cannot attend, so yeah just been one of those weeks.

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  1. I think that your blog is great because you show other people your illness and your emotion and maybe other people who are suffering can get some strength form that, not feeling isolated so as much as you feel you having a rant you are a motivating person lucy xxx

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