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Winter Primark Haul

Stripy Jumper £6 (on sale rack) woman’s department, the other 2 jumpers from men’s section as I wanted big jumpers and something the woman’s section lacks all skimpy, or really thin flimsy tops, often shop in men’s department. Disney Winnie Pyjamas, underwear, facial wipes 2 for £1, baby wipes 2 for £1, emoji top.

I had a bit of cheeky retail therapy, went with my carer so had woman’s input which I liked. Being bargain person that I am was hunt for jumpers as my wardrobe lacks them, very much in need right now, and me being me got side tracked saw emoji top, I had to be purchased as it’s the same emojis I use all the time when messaging my partner in particular, so it was funny and cute, had to be mine. After my nightwear being cut up when rushed to hospital only right to treat myself to new set, wanted batgirl pj’s as I love batman, but they didn’t have my size, sad face, so went with Winnie as I love bit of Winnie have teddy of him in my place, also have one at my mum’s funny enough. You think Valentines round the corner sexy lingerie be in there er no went with comfy cute underwear, call me boring but whatever. The other things like the wipes tend to get from there often because of the price, however do get wipes from other places too. You might see the clothing in outfit of the day or me just posting on instagram follow me on here. 

Have you been shopping recently, any bargains, drop me a comment and link to your blog post. As love being nosey and also looking at new and different blogs.

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