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My Five Next Key Pieces For AW12 #NextGuestBlogger

Next is running a competition to win 3 outfits and also opportunity to guest post about your style picks on their Style Secrets Blog.
All you need to do for a chance of winning is to answer one of the following questions in the form of a post on your blog:
1. What are your five key pieces for the AW12 season and why?
2. Androgyny vs. Girly trend- what’s your view?
3. What are your favourite catwalk – inspired pieces from Next?
I’ve chosen to answer question one. Looking through Next’s collection selecting pieces, window shopping haha..
What are your five key pieces for the AW12 season and why?

Sketches done by me.
Step Back Cardigan (RRP £18)
This is always must in my wardrobe, good trusty cardigan to keep you warm. Good for laying, I always think  wrapping warm having a cuppa. Cardigan is like comfy walking blanket, comfort, however still being stylish with this, casual or smart, versatile item.
Oversized Sweater (RRP £35)
Animal print, lets have fun and add a statement, bringing instant jazz to an outfit. The great thing about prints like this, it hides our flaws, distracts you from our lumps and bumps. I think everyone should own one piece of animal print, or hint of it, vibrant fun piece. Oversized so even on our fat days or you know the time of the month we can still rock it. 
Tights allows us to still wear shorts, skirts and dresses in the colder weather. Whether its to add pop of colour, pattern or just to keep your pins warm. No need to stop wearing your favourite garments with these bad boys. 
Boots, study, fit for the weather. Keep your feet warm in good solid boots, but still adding element of edginess with the studs, tinge of grudge. Perfect to wear with variety of outfits. 
Handbag handbag how I love you so. What’s great about this bag you have two ways carrying it, long strap which for me I love, as I walk with a crutch it can be kind of annoying when the bag keeps slipping off my shoulder, and holding it by hand isn’t always practical for me. So long strap is brillant for me, and if your uber stylish can just simply hold by hand. The great thing about this colour bag you can wear it with anything. Also can store all the junk and madness us ladies carry. Beautiful interior inside the bag which for me is bonus. 
Those were my key pieces, hope you like the selection.
I shall keep my finger and toes cross, it be amazing to win.
Are any of these pieces, your key pieces this AW12?

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