White Lies Concert- Awesome!!!

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What a way to end the year with the last concert/event of the year for me, yes I know we have Christmas Day and New Years celebrations ahead but you get my drift. Of course I had my trustee pink rucksack I wear to all my concerts/gigs. I love getting the ticket of the event, […]


Loughborough Nostalgia

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This week has been long over due trip, my partner and I went to Loughborough for few days this week. For me this was big deal getting the East Midlands Railway train, as the last time I was on these trains was before I was using wheelchair and I was using a crutch (took breaks […]


Outfit Of The Day- Tenpin Bowling And Arcade Date

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Hey, how was everyones summer? who still enjoying last bit of it…. Partner and I went on a date, we’ve not been bowling in awhile so we thought why not. I went with casual look. Honestly I always forget to look less moody in my outfit pics, haha, so excuse my expressions, I’m no model […]


Small Summer Primark Haul

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Last week popped into my Mum’s local Primark (nearest one to her), as my auntie from Florida was visiting and it was on her list of places to shop, it would of been rude of me not to join in the shopping experience. Heres my haul: I’ve needed a new lip balm for ages, that […]

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Fee & Brown Coffee Shop

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Time has flown by, July was busy month for me from going to concert to see Doja Cat incase you missed it click here, to Hyper Japan blogged about that click here, going to see The Lion King live stage show blog coming soon about that, family BBQ towards the end of the month so […]


Hyper Japan Festival. And Outfit Of The Day For It.

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For years I’ve been wanting to go, ever since came across it, but the fear of crowds and not being well enough to go played huge part of not going, I’m not saying I am better just I’m more aware of my seizures and can notify if I’m feeling extra off (yes still get the […]