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Good Day Mate (Part One)

Jo and I met up for long over due catch up. Spot of shopping but mostly window shopping, took me to some cool shops, that I instantly fell in love with.

I want to buy food from here if I could. Blame Jo haha.

Yummy food, cooking lessons and cooking utensils. 

Then it was time for lunch, belly rumbling the both of us. So food and cocktail it was. Both chatting away, as we quite similar in many ways, we discovered. 

Where we ate.

Cocktail was quite a kick. Little snippet of the gorgeous Jo. My Aussie Wifey.

Shared dish.

Mmmm Dessert 

Yes there is water, we still responsible adults. Just as I thought the day was done, received an Aussie Indoor BBQ invite by the lovely Jo at hers, so the fun continues in part two. Where I learn some Aussie slang words by Jo’s flatmates, me trying to do the accent, which in it’s self was funny if I do say so myself. So stay tuned.

To Be Continued…..

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