Good Day Mate (Part 2)

When Jo invited me around hers for Aussie Indoor BBQ, never did I imagine there be so much food cooked by her partner, who just so happens to be chef, lucky lady, flatmates who are also Australian, plus friends of theirs were there too, so I couldn’t help myself in learning some Aussie slang and words they use in different ways from us Brits. Also me trying to do the accent, deary me Lucy….

Feast… Food Glorious Food

Massive Aussie Burger, can’t tell by this picture.

Couldn’t fit all the food into one picture, as there was more, however I was just to busy being overwhelmed by it all. Yes I ate the whole burger. After eating, chilled watched some Take Me Out together, it was fab. I felt welcomed, they are funny and it was nice vibe.

On my way home, listening to my music, headphones on, in my own little world, super tired at this point, as it’s late. Erm some random guy starts chatting to me, trying to chat me up, needless to say he didn’t get my number, however he was nice to chat to in friend way not in any other way, as I am taken, even if I wasn’t, still be a no no. Told Jo about it, when I got home, had a giggle about it before retiring to the land of zzzzz.

3 thoughts on “Good Day Mate (Part 2)

  1. Awww glad you had a good time hon. We will definitely have to do it again very soon – maybe next time we'll throw a shrimp or kangaroo on the barbie for you!! lol xxx thanks for coming over honey bun!

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