Aussie UK Hair Fashion Show (Event)

Last minute thing, I was on twitter and saw Faye tweet about a plus one for the Aussie Event. I jumped in and said me me, mind you it was risky for me as I didn’t know if I be able to cope, as I been out previous days, me being stubborn and wanted to do everything I went. Needless to say I crashed out as soon as I got home after the event, pj’s bed nap…

I am somebody who has been using their products recently, so it was great to go this event and check it out.
Lots of nibbles, drinks and lovely cupcakes was all displayed nicely, yes I did go over the top with the cupcakes, ate fair amount oops, they was to yummy…

Yummy Cupcakes

Display of cupcakes

Socialising before the Fashion Show starts

Sign In. Entrance. Snippet of Lydia

Fashion Show

Me, Lydia and her friend. Girl Crush on both these ladies GORGEOUS

Jo walking off with the blow up version of the Aussie bottle, hehe, can’t take her anywhere!!! 

I do like the fishtail braid hairstyle, that hairstyle is winner for me, not that I have sported that look on myself yet.  Overall it was great meeting bloggers, seeing the fashion show, being Faye’s plus one, seeing her again, hanging out with my friends Amber and Jo.  Also putting a face to the blog’s that I follow. Getting the chance to say hello. Meeting new bloggers, having girl crush on Lydia. It was cool atmosphere. Glad I went.

2 thoughts on “Aussie UK Hair Fashion Show (Event)

  1. Looks like the event was amazing! Aussie has been very publicised where I live (Portugal), but I've never tried it. I should though..

    xo Joana

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