First Blog Post, broken my virginity!!! haha

So I have finally fell into temptation, it has got the better of me. Convinced by my peers to start a blog, go for it, so here goes my virginity. Actually did do blog many moons ago, however that was for university part of my course to do so, was not optional, as we was being marked on it. So you can say I’m a born again blogger lol.

Seriously have forgotten how to blog, fellow art student here, oh deary me. Well at least I can relax with this blog. So now onto a introduction to what you be getting here, in loopysos world. It won’t just be about the norm ie- fashion, make up not that I have much to be honest, literally the basics. However will be discussing mental illness’s, as well of course fibromyalgia, as that’s part of me whether I like it or not. Don’t worry it will have loopy twist to it, wouldn’t be me other wise. As you soon will get to know. Also I have YouTube channel, if you wanna see my round chubby face lol, oh you love me already don’t you?!!!


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