Bringing Back The Typewriter






Yes finally got my hands onto typewriter, I’ve been wanting one for long time, waiting for someone or anyone I know chucking out their old things, then out of nowhere my partner was like my mum has one, and the courtesy of his mother gave me Boots PT800 typewriter still in its original case (handle on it), so can travel with it easily. Happy bunny to say the least, thank you Sue. Me being me when I opened it up, the theme tune to murder she wrote was flowing out my mouth, had to be done, love watching that show whenever I’m back at my mum’s even though we seen every episode several times, can’t beat bit of family time. As kid did have my own typewriter, big old machine, I loved it, then computers started to become the craze, and typewriter became distant memory. Showing my age ain’t I, haha. This isn’t me jumping on the retro train, as the artist in me loves the rawness of things, imperfections. As you can see in my last pic, errors everywhere, granted hadn’t used it much before that. However thought share my first freestyle writing with you, using my typewriter.

Have to say big thank you to my partner for taking these great photos.

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