Private View Reception For Art Exhibition By Joyce Treasure


Partner and I had the pleasure of going to a private viewing, an art exhibition by Joyce Treasure, titled: ‘Our Visual Cortex and the Obscuridad’ at Ashburton Hall, Croydon. I was just so happening to be looking for local events, and this caught my eye straight away, I saw there would be a private viewing, and that you could reserve tickets. Booked, written in my diary.

However the weather was horrible, rain, wind, and cold, so my partner was like “you sure?” I was like “I’m sure.”

The lights leading to the exhibition, thought this was a nice touch, plus wouldn’t have been able to see how to get to the entrance.

Now onto the art itself, just some of the art from the exhibition.

Mixed media

The layers to each piece of her work.

The colours.

I got to speak to the artist herself, I won’t lie I was anxious, as it was a busy night, didn’t want to interrupt her etc etc. So basically my partner just pushed me towards her, when there was less busy moment, and went “there’s your chance” as he knew how anxious I am anyway so waited until it was more quiet. And must I say chatting to Joyce Treasure about art, something I love, brought back my student days when I would go to private shows to get some free drink, look at art and discuss about it, like that’s what you call good a evening. This time wasn’t drinking, just about the art, atmosphere, looking and understanding the art pieces infront of you. The art was about her two cultures growing up, being mixed race, the history, the importance, combining the worlds, the beauty of being black not being ashamed of it, but also battling the fact you are half white, the layers, the depth, told me about the different meanings, which found fascinating, of course she said more but cannot paraphrase as my memory isn’t the greatest. Talking about her current studies she’s doing which no doubt will impact on her future art work, which I’m looking forward to seeing. Was insightful just in general as did ask a lot, felt inspired, the fact she could tell when I said art is my background maybe it was the way answered when she asked me what thought the art was about, of course to me painting is more than just a pretty picture, I read into it, gave my perspective, plus the fact there was like little hidden details unless you look thoroughly you wouldn’t be able to see it, loved it, in general I loved her art. Made me smile seeing her paintings being sold, unfortunately didn’t buy, even though my partner was like go on go on, but I had to put my budget hat on, practical one. I have no doubt her art will sell out, if not already. As the exhibition still going until the 27th February 2018.

Heres pic with the artist herself Joyce Treasure.

It was good evening, glad we went.

PS- If you interested in seeing more of her work, buying her art, or contacting her, she does have a website- click here.

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