Farfetch Competition Entry

Farfetch Competition Entry

This is my entry to Farfetch competition, whoever wins receives Farfetch voucher worth £250. Honestly going on the website, literally can spend hours lustring after items on there. So it was extremely difficult to get it down to decent amount, choosing Christmas outfit for parties I sadly don’t go too/ no invites I had to put myself in frame like if I was too, what would I wear, something comfortable, sadly when you somebody who aches all over, need practicality. However doesn’t stop you looking stylish and fab in the process. Here is my picks:

1. JOSEPH fold over wrap jacket
2. Illustration by me of item above, sneak in little bit of me into the post. Can’t help myself.
3. SHRIMPS faux fur coat, wouldn’t be right not include that wow factor of a coat, keeps you warm with a statement, pop of colour for these grey dark days, like walking Christmas tree, instant pick me up.
4. H BY HUDSEN ‘kerouac’ boots, timeless pair, can’t go wrong, just little heel for me, as you may notice no high heels I’ve picked, truthfully don’t know how to walk in heels and not look like I am tripping over every two seconds because that’s how ungraceful I am in them.
5. JUPE embroidered oversized dress, reminds me of christmas tree decoration, in simple pattern form, can you see it? or is it just me.
6. VANESSA BRUNO butterfly motif sheer dress, has two things that’s winner for me the beautiful prints, and sheer giving you little sultry.
7. ISABEL MARANT ETOILE ‘auxane’ dress, love the embroidery and you guessed it bit of sheer.
8. GRENSON ‘Emily’ brogues, classic, shiny, showing that flats can be cool too.
9. ISABEL MARANT ETOILE ‘vail’ dress, suttle sexy effortless number.
10. Illustration by me of item above.
11. V JEWELLERY contour loop earrings bit of bling on the ears never hurt nobody.
12. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN ‘skull’ box clutch, no words can describe this beauty, this would add Xfactor to any outfit.

Had fun window shopping, and coming up with Christmas party outfits, holiday season, as you know plenty of food and drink are consumed around these festivities, as stomach starts to get bit bloated won’t be so obvious in these outfits, still can look cute, see planning ahead, smart head on me, well sometimes.

Just fingers cross, positive energy in the air, hope you liked my entry/picks.

PS- Here is the link to Farfetch click here, be warned it’s designers, say no more…

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