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Dulwich Picture Gallery

This shouldn’t be any surprise, if you follow my blog or social media or just know me in general, is that art is big part of my life. I love looking at art, studying and of course creating art. It’s not just about pretty paintings, but culture, history and the present. I could ramble on ages about this, however this blog post is about admiring art displayed in Dulwich Picture Gallery, yes there is galleries in South London not all in Central or East London that some people may think. Also big thing for me, supply wheelchairs at the gallery, which is major plus for me, found the staff to be very helpful, once again makes the visit all that more pleasant. Just being in the presence of such fine art, listening to the curator as she explained the background to the paintings, just hearing the enthusiasm passion behind her speeches made me want to listen even more.

The pure detail in each of the painting, I did have my favourites I must say, which couple can be seen in my pics above, but not all sadly, for me this visit was about soaking up the art not trying to take the best photos. However did buy postcards of my favourite paintings, was a bit sad ok was stroppy couldn’t find all of them which happened to be my number one out the selection, always the way.

Overall lovely little visit, also can walk around on their grounds, soak up the outdoors, have cool cafe sadly didn’t get to sample any food or drink. The gallery situated in beautiful Dulwich Village, somewhere I would love to live if I was rich.

Do you visit art galleries? what galleries do you like, if you do?

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