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Being You

Being you, with so many blogs out there it’s hard to stand out, with fancy blog headers etc. Great big quality pictures, not everybody does have Canon or Nikon, MacBook to edit their work, but that’s alright it’s about passion in your work, using the tools you do have. This is why I love art because you can use any material and create masterpiece. No limitations, freedom to pour out your emotions.

Being you and not living to others expectations or copying somebody else just to get popular, it’s about being you, or finding you as some people are lost just trying to find their way, hold my hands up many times I feel lost, just like the tattoo on my wrist- journey. Life journey.

Can you relate? And just thoughts in general.

PS- No I am not dissing anyone who does have those items, before anybody thinks I am attacking those with canons Nikon MacBooks etc.

2 thoughts on “Being You

  1. I love your blog, your honest and refreshing. I love your passion for art Lucy. You rock. Expression is an amazing talent to have, no matter what you use to express yourself. Keep on blogging. 🙂

  2. When I first started out, I had none of these things and my blog was way more popular. Now I am self hosted on WordPress, have a Mac and a Canon and it's really not made that much difference. But the photos I enjoyed taking were, as were the quality (for me). But it doesn't really matter what you use, because at the end of the day if you're saying nothing, using fancy equipment, it's not as powerful as saying something worth reading, with the basics!

    Sarah Betty xx

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