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We Are Here!!!!

I was apprehensive doing this blog post, because I don’t want this to turn into a rant post, however I have a voice and have noticed that there is big gap in the market. So often I see brands working with bloggers which is great however I don’t see disabled bloggers, I love that there is plus size as we are all different sizes and shapes. When I see bloggers going on free excursions, holidays, clothes etc I think to myself I would love see people who are forgotten about, I want to be able to relate. For me when I travel I have to worry if the place is disabled friendly if not then need extra care. There is a gap, wish brands were more adventurous,  appeal to wider market that’s so often forgotten about.

Want to see brands working with disabled bloggers, from wheelchair to walking aid to someone who can’t walk much because of their illness. This isn’t a campaign for me as would happily read blogs that features them working with brands. I want to see more variety, want it to be relate-able, want there to be more of presence. Disabled people are fashionable, not dead, I’m sure damn well want to travel, go to press events, where is the access…

Won’t lie it angers me, frustrating and it’s like you invisible, try being in disabled foot steps and see how insignificant you feel, yet mentally you still present. I am not holding back on how I feel, sorry if this post isn’t profoundly intellectual way of doing it. But when you on antibiotics feeling like an alien is living inside your body you wouldn’t be holding your words back either.

If there is other bloggers who feel the same please do share, and I hope I’m not some crazy lady in her room bitter about the world. As I love the fact that bloggers are influential, seeing the people I follow (not in stalker way of course) grow. There’s place for everyone just remember we are here.

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