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Keep Me Sane Doggy

Sitting in my wheelchair, ready to go.

Say hello to my little friend, although may of notice this pic is from instagram, I thought it was fitting for this blog post today. My partner thought it be great idea to go out, buy couple of things from my local high street, but this was during peak time of school kids coming out, and there are lot’s of schools round here, I was like no no I am not going out when the roads are full, pavement crammed with prams, nope ain’t going to happen, unless the doggy is with us, as my anxiety was telling me oh hell no you are not going out, then that other part of me was like I be ok if have the doggy with me and I was right, granted my partner was like come on lets go out, it be good for you. With doggy in tow was able to face busiest time (well for me), gave me great distraction, comfort, felt unnerved as opposed to feeling like I want to scream and having face expression that could cut daggers. As a treat, we had lunch in the park which was lovely minus doggy trying to get to my food, me saying down, sit, I did give him a little bit, tiny bit, hey I can be nice sometimes, after all he did keep me sane.

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