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Being Out Of Control


I hate being out of control, bad enough my own body is not in my control. But when the simple things like consulting you when carer changing to different one on certain day, wishing I had been spoken, I hate surprises, sudden changes, unless it’s the good kind. Feeling like a child, just wanting to explode throw all your toys out, and just scream. I’m not somebody who has loads people around my home, just because… Regard my home private place, plus live in poky flat so don’t have room even if wanted too. It’s like when hospital changes my appointment day before or same day sometimes, when I’ve already prepped myself. Mentally physically prep, when it comes to my care, person coming into my home, routine, specially as deal with my personal care, I need to know who’s coming to MY home. Sorry but set me off this evening, no doubt I be told who the carer is in the morning, that it will be someone seen before, I just don’t like being told, rather be asked, discuss. Rant over, there is other things bothering me but that’s another ball game, just three words adult social worker.

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