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DIY Trimming

After weeks of debating should I or should I not go to the hairdressers to get my hair trimmed, as I’ve been growing my hair out, and it was time to get those split ends under control. I’m not fan of hairdressers if I’m honest, like being in comfort of my own home, and being in control of the scissors, don’t tell my hairdressers though, but I like saving money, and when I feel like I can do it myself, then my jolly I’m going to do it. By no means am I hairdresser, and this isn’t guide on how to do it blog post, it’s just how I do it, what works for me.

For best results is to trim your hair when it is wet/damp hair, I done it after my hair was washed (thanks to my carer, who helps me), had my hair tied up in a towel for a while, so that’s why my hair isn’t dripping in the pics, thankfully my hair doesn’t take forever to dry considering how thick it is. Thought I share the process on how I do it, parting my hair in sections, comb through my hair to make sure I get out all the kinks and help my hair to be straight, so can work out exactly where the split ends are, I didn’t do anything drastic, I know may of missed a bit perhaps, however I can personally notice, but I did let my hair dry naturally, I think the trim would of been more noticeable had I flat-iron my hair. I just didn’t want to use heat on my hair, as try using heat to minimum. As you can see my hair is super thick in it’s natural state. Oh forgot to mention the scissors I use to trim my hair, are the ones specially for hair, inexpensive, don’t need to spend a lot for good pair.



Me with my big hair, and the one downside doing it at home, have to clean it up yourself, I’m sure throughout this evening I be finding hair on areas might of missed when cleaning, or just travelled on it’s own somewhere, so if you see bit of hair somewhere it could be mine, just pop in the bin for me, haha.

PS- Thanks to my partner for taking these great pics, turning it into mini photo shoot 🙂

4 thoughts on “DIY Trimming

  1. I hate hairdressers too, if I am honest. Mine comes to me now, which is much better, but I only have it done maybe 3 times a year. Yours looks great 🙂 You’ve done a really good job there 😀

      1. It’s the lass who used to do my hair at the salon. She knew I was disabled and she said if I ever needed a cut but wasn’t well enough she’d come round, bless her.

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