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Advent Calender Time. His and Hers

It’s that time of the year when you allowed to indulge throughout the month, not feel guilty about it, mind you I am in not that bracket of oh no too much calories type of girl, as I say everything in moderation, minus this month it’s the time to be jolly. We decided on cheap cheerful advent calenders from Poundland, as sadly left it too late on Lego one we really wanted, sold out everywhere, sad face, lets not talk about it, I’m not bitter..

Of course Hello Kitty advent calender for me, it’s me after all, and for him Star Wars as his huge fan of it. Funny enough my chocolate tastes better than his, perhaps needs sweetness for the kids, Star Wars more catered for adults, therefore more stale taste to it, I do find it funny identical doors and shapes of chocolate yet different tastes between the two of the advent calenders.

I must say beauty advent calenders seen on blogs, sadly not in my price range but I enjoy it from afar live through the bloggers as do like seeing what’s behind each door, have you done advent calender post, send me links in the comment section, love to see yours.

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