Going Back To Art

Hello sorry for lack of posts, I know I am broken record sorry.. Recently I done painting for my Mums birthday, I thought it make a great gift as my Mum always badgers me about me going back to art, I’ve not painted to this scale since uni days and that was many moons ago. So what better time to paint, my Mum instantly smiled when she opened it and saw it. Took me some time to do it, I forgot how long the process can be, however this is what I am about, once I put on my shirt, as I have particular one, that’s it the artist comes out, focused.

The painting is a metamorphosis, reflection of life, metaphor. My Mum loves butterflies she even has a tattoo of one on her arm. So what better way to illustrate it in a painting, demonstrating changes, growth and beauty.

What do you think of the painting? Would you want me to paint for you?
Be gentle with me, I am some what out of practice painting on canvas, so I am tiny bit rusty.

Medium used for this painting: Acrylic

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