Add A Pop Of Colour. Even If It’s A Tiny Bit.

Items: Top (Christmas gift couple years ago)
Hoodie: Calvin Klein (Christmas Gift 2011)
Leggings: Primark
Plimsolls: Primark
Bow Ring: Etsy Shop Click here
White Ring: Bijou Brigitte
Watch: Hello Kitty (out of focus opps, sorry)
Scarf: Roberto Cavalli (Christmas gift years ago)
Mirror necklace: Charity Shop
Handbag: Charity Shop
On my nails: Rimmel, Apricot Punch
Ps sorry couple of my photos are blurry, hope you still like them, adds character I say, as I still like them. 

One thought on “Add A Pop Of Colour. Even If It’s A Tiny Bit.

  1. Fab charity shop find with the handbag! I need to find some time to go into some charity shops.. I have found a few fab handbags from them!

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