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I am a lifestyle blogger from London (UK), who lives with a chronic illness; fibromyalgia/CFS, restless leg syndrome, IBS, asthma, NEAD/FND short for non epileptic attack disorder/functional neurological disorder, I have blog post more about this, and tips, click hereΒ to find out more.Β Amongst other illnesses including mental health (depression and more) which I hope to bring awareness along my journey on this blog.

Art is my passion, however my interests and loves in everyday life are broad. If you want to contact me can email me lucyloopysos@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am sorry to see that the Fibromyalgia has left you in a wheelchair. Mine is bad but I am still walking, stiffly, but walking. My mental illnesses include Bipolar Disorder among other things. Good luck to you and I will follow your blog.

  2. Loving your blog and artwork. I hope to make my blog a little more exciting like yours one day. Will be following you and hopefully we can share our fibro journeys. x

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