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99p Store Shocked Me

Was in town, whilst getting things that was on my To Get List, thought I go in 99p store to buy some batteries, however I ended coming out of the store with a bag of goodies oops…

Currently on my nails- Sally Hansen, Rose Wine.

My eyes saw Hello Kitty, and you all know how I love it so. Couldn’t resist buying a couple of things, would of been to rude to turn kitty down, no no no. Bought kids size cup, it’s tiny but yes I do drink tea out of it, there was no adult size one, so that’s that. A travel toothbrush which strangely my niece actually has and she’s like 4, well what can I say I’ve never grown up and I don’t attend to when it comes to Hello Kitty (it’s all ages anyway). Notepad, sharpener & eraser that came in little pack, stationery is like candy to me, excites me to no end.Β 

In the beauty section is where I bought the nail varnishes, Revlon Ruby Ribbon, Matte Suede (I notice bargains stores selling these items more these days). And Sally Hansen Rose Wine, which you can see above in the pic is what I am sporting now. Had to share it with you all, as I didn’t know they even sold that kind of stuff with the Hello Kitty items- Bargain!!!!

4 thoughts on “99p Store Shocked Me


    *ahem* Sorry for the caps lock ^_^ This is such an incredible haul! I love Hello Kitty children's size cups because a lot of days my wrists feel too week to hold an adult one, I'm constantly spilling drinks =3

    Florrie x

  2. I hope my move to London happens too! It has to happen and that's that. I truly believe in making your dreams come true, so it's up to me… How have you been dear?

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