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New Year. 2015 Here We Are

What can I say bit late to the party however Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had great Christmas. Won’t be summing up 2014 as to be honest even though was highlights, very special moments, changes in my life, however health wise same crazy flare ups and other problems. Have I made any resolutions, the way my health is so unpredictable I just try to enjoy the things I can do, and less dwelling on what I cannot do, which for me is on going challenge as do battle with myself. Also keep raising awareness about how disability comes in all shapes and forms, mental health and of course fibromyalgia which in itself sets off other illnesses. Although I am just one voice, pretty loud voice if you ask anyone who knows me, I blame my family we all pretty loud although couple may disagree, but they are just in denial it’s ok. Let’s keep this blogging going, hopefully it grows.

Have you done new year resolution blog post, recap of 2014, share it in the comment section, love to read them, even if you haven’t I am open to reading new blogs.

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