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Happy New Year. New Year Resolutions

It’s new year and that means giving myself new aims or in some cases continuing. I won’t have the usual lose weight or have better diet, exercise all that jazz no.

Mine are:

  • Be creative more.
  • Keep up with my penpalling 
  • Print pictures (not just be stored on memory cards/sticks etc)
  • Keep blogging
  • This one is bit iffy but to do videos again, still undecided on this.
  • Meet friends, as too often we go oh we hang out soon but then it doesn’t happen for various reasons, including blogger and twitter friends. 
  • Keep working on my confidence. 

I did fulfil most of my goals set out for myself in 2013 just not as much as I would like due to health which can’t be helped.  

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? if so leave it in the comment section would love to hear yours.

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