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End Of The Year. Random But Short!!

I won’t be doing New Year Resolution’s post, as I feel my life is forever changing, whether it’s me having less anxiety, less falls, less flare ups more flare ups. Accepting more and more of my condition (fibromyalgia), working around it, knowing that my depression can be handled or at least not to take it to that next level of suicide. Being more open, if you was to talk to my family& friends they would tell you I am strong person, so I shall try to embrace compliments. Ideally of course I would like to be slim, but that takes time, and to be honest there isn’t a rush for it, my health comes first meaning I have to work around my illness. Also in my defense I gained a lot of weight because of the treatment (meds) I had, thankfully not on them any more, I am on different medication. Ok this sounds a bit like New Year Resolutions opps, haha.

Little steps for others have been my biggest steps for me. Whether 2012 is better or is the same as 2011 I am just grateful I can step out my front door, get out of my own bed without needing help. Able to do the little things when I can.

For any body reading this, appreciate what you have, not what you going to gain.

Lots of Love

2 thoughts on “End Of The Year. Random But Short!!

  1. Health definitely comes first, and don't worry about putting on a brave front because I know that can be exhausting. I do it too and it takes it out of me. If it's any help, my latest blog post is similar and i hope that it it comforts you to know you're not alone and that everything will eventually be ok. Sending you positive thoughts and wishing you a happy new year x

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