What’s The Point

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Having chronic illnesses, mixed in with seizures (functional neurological disorder) and icing on the cake mental health illnesses, so there’s a lot going on in one body, plus flare ups does not help. Filters are perfect online and off, as you stay hidden from the truth. In all honesty I’m fed up, tired of feeling […]


FND Awareness Day. #LetsTalkFND

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I made a video, talking about FND- Functional Neurological Disorder. I made it because I wanted to not just spread awareness, but to know you are not alone. It’s scary place, it impacts on our lives in so many different ways, can make other illnesses even more worse, flare ups, also can impact on our […]

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Happy New Year 

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   Well well didn’t 2015 go fast, I’m glad it’s new year if I am honest not that last year was the worse, as got benefits of learning how to cope more with my seizures, and honestly trying to break the barrier of fear/anxiety if I have seizure in public, as I’ve had so many […]