Let Down By Clairglow

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Warning this blog post is a RANT. All started with a letter in the post that arrived beginning of October 2017, prior to this had letter about the property needing upgrade in a letter that came 21st September 2017 about you hear in due course about a company that be doing the work. Already alarm […]


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You must be wondering why are there pics of bras, what’s going on. Well lately reality shows, even YouTubers boobs, uplifted boobs, fake boobs. Guess what I was one those people who wanted surgery when I was younger, if you follow my blog you know I recently moved, that meant going through a lot of […]

The StrugglesΒ 

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Where do I begin, well this isn’t all roses and daises blog post, real life, no fairy dust, filter, or any pretence. So often online, we only see the great stuff on peoples social media, for me I don’t mind having a rant on my social media, as I am not someone who only puts […]

In My Feelings

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When you suffer with chronic illnesses, and mental health you always trying to balance the two, pain management with chronic pains, dealing with the endless hospital appointments, doctors appointment, nurses appointments, doing exercises that you can manage, trying to stay up beat even when every fibre in you is like no. I know things could […]

No Thank You Ryanair

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A long time I was wondering if I should post this, but now I’m like why not, freedom of speech. At Christmas went on family holiday too Spain, and flew with Ryanair. The frustration began straight away as soon as we entered the airport, trying to book with special assistance and being told Ryanair only […]