The Disabled Blogger Tag

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If you follow my blog I’m not one to do tags, but funny enough love reading tags, so why not join in the fun, better late than never. ‘The Disabled Blogger Tag’ was created by Erin from My Blurred World. Creating a Tag that’s catered for us disabled people, and I think it’s great idea. […]


Hospital Highlights

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I know you must be thinking, looking at the title like what, is that possible. Well yes it is, where I stayed it wasn’t your typical traditional ward, there was separate rooms for dining in, where we ate all our meals, a TV room to watch your programmes granted you would have to work out […]


Why Am I In Hospital

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If you follow me on social media or regular follower of my blog, you would of noticed me saying I am inpatient at a hospital, nothing more, well the truth is I am in rehabilitation programme for functional neurological disorder. Now you thinking what’s that, other names short abbreviations NEAD (non epileptic attack disorder), dissociative […]