Launch Of My New Blog. Self Hosting

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It’s happened, I’ve made the decision to go self hosting, I’ve gone from Blogspot, to, to now just my name. It’s been on mind for very long, as wanted to branch onto the next step, I’ve been blogging for years now and making this transition was just time. Yes still have my blog posts […]


I’ve Moved

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So A LOT has happened since I’ve last blogged, after a very very long battle I am now in adapted home, no more dangerous steps when entering and leaving home, bigger space and overall better place. However the timing of the move was crazy, over the Christmas period, while people was enjoying the holidays, my […]


Made The Move To WordPress

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Here I am made the leap into wordpress, hope you like the picture I made, little pun. It’s such change from blogger so I am still learning, so do bare with me. May of notice, hopefully you have, that I’ve made new banner for the blog, thought what a better time to change it than […]