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Fee & Brown Coffee Shop

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Time has flown by, July was busy month for me from going to concert to see Doja Cat incase you missed it click here, to Hyper Japan blogged about that click here, going to see The Lion King live stage show blog coming soon about that, family BBQ towards the end of the month so […]


Meeting And Lunch

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This week I had meeting just to see how the programme going for me, it’s under mental health organisation, don’t won’t to go into detail on what it is just yet, it’s not therapy as there’s misconception that only therapy is offered, theres different group activities, classes, one to one help in different forms. I […]

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Through My Eyes. Monday Funday

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It’s been awhile, through my eyes edition, basically me taking photos at my height in the wheelchair. This is how we spent our Bank Holiday Monday (UK), the sun was out, so took advantage of the lovely weather. Went to local kinda park. Just like everyone else who thought it be good plan. We picked […]