What Device Have I Been Liking

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It’s been long time since done a review on my blog, and as it’s device my partner and I both been using, but as his been using it the most, I’ve asked him on his thoughts on this device, so this will be combined blog post of what we thought. So what it is you […]


Birthday Highlights 2017

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Yes I know my birthday was in July, and I’m talking about it in August, I am just keeping the memories alive, haha. So what did I do exactly, well….. On my actual birthday, partner and I went to Central London, and went SHOPPING!!!! I know you must be thinking, is that it, that’s nothing […]


FIVE GUYS- My First Time

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This is going to get me into trouble, but here goes. After years of hearing about this place, the hype, more and more opening up in London. If you follow my blog you know I moved this year, now transportation is more easier, better forms of transport where I am  so now it means can […]

day out

Day Out: Surrey County Show/Dog Festival

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A classic bank holiday weekend involves bit of family time, well in my case my partner and the pets. Something we like going too, where we could actually bring the dog with us, however having a dog that likes going at full speed, barking at other dogs at the dog show, yes totally embarrassing. But […]


Graze Box

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My weekly treat to myself is subscription with graze, I love getting little package each week, comes in very handy for me, as I often have appointments so having snacks with me on the go, is great. Anyone with chronic illness, knows convenient nibbles when you can’t move is a bonus. For me right now […]