Farfetch Competition Entry

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This is my entry to Farfetch competition, whoever wins receives Farfetch voucher worth £250. Honestly going on the website, literally can spend hours lustring after items on there. So it was extremely difficult to get it down to decent amount, choosing Christmas outfit for parties I sadly don’t go too/ no invites I had to […]


Can’t Beat A Pub Lunch

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Chilling with nice cool cider and munching down pub meal, happy days. I had the pie and chips which was tasty, did slip little something for the doggy as his eyes was pierced onto the food, only time well behaved when food in front of him, complete angel, when no food he was like he […]


OMG Outfit Of The Day

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This outfit picture was taken weeks ago, I forgotten about it, the rare times I’m looking cute, as my look is pj’s, robes, lounge wear or my chav look haha. Don’t worry I’m starting to become more womanly gradually, baby steps… I was helping on the judging panel for All Walks for the day. It was […]


I Voted On Election Day

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I have confession to make, sheepishly, embarrassingly never voted before, I know it’s bad. As I am getting older, hitting the big 3 0 which is coming round the corner soon. About time embrace adulthood, haha, I am slow learner. I’m not one to get into politics, get on my soapbox about it, but something […]

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Tate Britain Outfit Of The Day

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Last week on lovely sunny day, my best friend took me out for the day, wanted to do this blog post sooner, as you know by now always something going on with me, this time allergies as it’s that time of year and doesn’t mix well with my asthma amongst everything else. Now that have […]