9 Year Anniversary

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Today is our anniversary, Titch (pet rabbit who’s in the pics) and I, he came into my life, well went into pet shop (that I know rescues pets, takes good care of the pets there whilst in their care), and he was there with his brothers and sisters, they all looked so cute, I think […]

chronic illness

In No Rush

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I’ve been M.I.A. after the blogging for month straight, needed the rest. However hasn’t been because I didn’t want too, recently had a fall and seems I’ve injured myself, there was no pain to start with but as time went on progressively got worse, come and go pain to constant pain, with the icing on […]


We All Love A Nap

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We all love A bit of napping especially for those like myself who suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome, which often gets mistaken for being lazy, oh you need a nap any excuse to be in bed, no….. I’m sure many can relate to that. For me I love having naps with my pets, even like […]