Brief Review Of Ready Player One. Cinema Date Outfit.

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Needing that distraction time, my partner took this pic whilst waiting for the movie to come on, the same adverts they put on every time, besides the trailers, even they can be same, as they advertise them for awhile. A movie my partner was pumped for real long time, me only had heard of it […]


I Am Very Much Here. Hello 2018

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Hello 2018 It’s already been rocky start to the year for me, as I have sprained my ankle. You must be wondering this incident happened recently nope.. I had a fallΒ then on top non epileptic seizures on the floor back in December (12th I think) 2017, thought it was just badly bruised, so didn’t bother […]


Outfit Post With My Head Crown

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I cannot believe I forgot about these pics, had it planned out, and it went right out my head, literally. Then like light bulb ping, you haven’t posted this outfit. Here I am. You may notice the Happy Birthday headband, yep this was from my birthday celebration part two, you can read all about my […]