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Sanrio Outfit Of The Day

I know it’s the end of the year, and do the whole look back of the year, for me been a bit on the challenging with carer issues, problems with the flat, flare ups, couldn’t tell you how many blood tests I had this year, plus I’ve not been able to be creative, and my poor blog has been neglected. But any who onto this outfit.

Zombie headband that I bought from Etsy shop, I love it. Yep rocking pink eyebrows, nude pink lips, Aggretsuko T-shirt, and my trustee red coat.

If you know me, I love Hello Kitty.. Red Hello Kitty tracksuit, I bought it on sale before it vanished on ‘ISAWITFIRST’, Hello Kitty socks, platform trainers. 

Yes that’s cracks in the pavement, they are not the best where I live. Yep my blue satchel bag, I love this outfit, yes it’s very casual look, but I’m rocking the characters I love, in comfort.

And on that note, see you Next Year 🙂 aka 2022.

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