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Mental Health Check During Lockdown

If ya like me in self isolation for 12 weeks due to being in high risk category (UK), a lot of us already know what’s it like to be isolated due to health reasons, I’ve had times where I’ve not left home for months at a time, so it’s not my first rodeo of not being able to go out, that wasn’t by choice it was simply not doable physically. However doesn’t mean doesn’t effect your mental health, so it’s important to have support, structure.

When my partner was doing bit of gardening he decided to put together a little eco system.

I do like snails, make sure their safe in the garden away from the dog peeing spots, and pathways that’s used a lot. We collected snails together to put in their, named one after me as shell disheveled (bit like me lol), another one called Carlos (F1 driver my partner likes as he drives for McLaren) as that snail just kept doing laps around, have woodlice, worm living in there. Having outside world inside is nice, like this.

Adding bed from toys set got from magazine my friend bought me, gotta add bit of character, bit of me. I think for me I know I am lucky to have my partner, my pets, so for sure helps, what makes me disconnect is hearing comments like I’m sooooo bored yet you can go out for a walk, still go shopping, still working, what about those with no income coming in, those who have loved ones in hospital, people who have to work in direct contact with Rona, loved ones passed away, separate from their partners etc….. I get everyones routine has changed I get that, looking more rough hair, nails, lashes, eyebrows haha. I know when I have to back off social media, shut off comments (not just social media), as I know how easy it is for mental health to go DOWN, plus my chronic illnesses, having seizures drains me anyway so my body goes through a lot anyway. Don’t get wrapped up in celebs complaining about being their nice big homes, everyones situation is different, don’t have loving homes, in nice environment, please look after your mental health, game, read, movies, binge watch shows, learn, write, arts/crafts, exercise, mindfulness, talk.


PS- This also helping me, after having mentally draining Monday, Tuesday took the time for me but then seizures finished off my day, Wednesday physically draining which then brought on seizures, today taking the time for me even though all I want to do is be in bed, sleep (drained from seizures, bit of lack of sleep), just write off the day however my partner said chill out in the garden get some vitamin D (not dick for you dirty minds lol actual vitamin D), have music blasting out, lifting me up, brought on to do this blog post, I needed this. Please make sure check on yourself, reach out if need it various services, and apps, don’t suffer in silence, hugs <3


Pics taken by my partner so cannot take credit.

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