Where Have I Been….

It’s been a long time, I needed to take a break from social media for very long time, slowly had to adjust to it back into my life, as needed the time out. So why did I shut myself away, my mental health was bad in 2020, it took a nose dive. If you follow my blog, or know me I have depression and anxiety, I had to be assess by mental heath team, who put me back onto my previous antidepressants, I wasn’t too happy about it, both the mental health team and GP was like this is for the best. Then beginning of 2021 had to speak to my GP every other week, making sure I’m not suicidal and that I was taking my meds. By that point was on waiting list for awhile, more longer due to Covid, I got assigned to new therapist, thankfully I jelled with her, and had 12 weeks of weekly therapy, which was must needed.

Then sadly towards the end of June 2021 my beloved rabbit passed away, before Titch passed away did spend a lot of time looking after him more, wanted to spend everyday together as I knew we was running on borrowed time, loved caring for him, of course I still miss him, but glad of all the time we had together.

This year as whole been challenging physically, as I’ve had flare up after flare when it comes to my chronic illnesses, which sadly has impacted on me, not able to do my life drawing classes, as have even more problems with my hands. Then the countless appointments, blood tests, to be honest I have no idea how I have blood left😜, the amount that’s been taken this year. I won’t bore you with all that, just now.

Just know I am still about, my social media’s @loopysos on twitter and Instagram.

How have you been?!x

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