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Outfit Of The Day With Bubbles

This Blog Post is about the outfit I wore for our day trip to Sealife London Aquarium for my partners birthday, if you missed that post and see some really cool pics click here,Β  we went in January (yep I know very very late), but as spring is approaching literally will be Spring 20th March (days), so I thought better get this post out, not that means get suddenly warm here, means expect more rain which already does that already.

My partner thought it be fun to take pics on the Southbank, whilst big bubbles was being blown if you from London or visit that area a lot you know what spot I’m on about.

Yes massive bubble went over me and thankfully partner captured it, a smile and a laugh πŸ™‚

Capturing The Thames behind me, hustle and bustle of Central London, granted this was during more of quieter time, as can be real busy. Obviously not now due to Coronavirus, well I hope it isn’t busy busy people being sensible.

Get closer look of the outfit, double Minnie Mouse what…. I didn’t actually plan that, both the jumper and rucksack is from Primark (from last year).

I love these earrings, these was from my Auntie who lives in America. Hat is gift from my niece.

Mustard colour coat has been serving me well on real cold days, this is from Debenhams (on Christmas sale) money from my partners parents gave me for Christmas, bought this coat, brand of the coat is Regatta Great Outdoors.

Thankfully the sun was shining, so made the day even better.

Er some bubbles decided to take over the whole show, wanted to be centre of attention, ok, so giving them their spot, haha.

This was so much fun, as you can tell I’m no model but wanted to share this fun quick shoot (not that this was professional or anything), as outfit of the day doesn’t always have to be serious, be fun, include the ones that wouldn’t normally make the cut, plus blogging is about that freedom, showing ya personality. Hope you liked it πŸ™‚


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