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Outfit Of The day. Shielding Has Ended.

So here we are, shielding ended on the last day of July 2020, as got one of those letters from the government like everyone else who’s been shielding, plus one from local council (UK). Truthfully I’ve not been going out, I haven’t felt the need. However in celebration of news I thought why not go out with my partner this week.

I finally got to wear my new etsy mask that I bought weeks (maybe even a month) ago. Love the pastel colours. You can see my Hello Kitty tattoo having a wink at you πŸ˜‰

Yes have little gudetama attached to my bag (F1 Williams team bag), also have Zazu (from ‘The Lion King’) attached to my bag. Also this isn’t our house, just wanted quiet spot where no people was, happened to be around old house.

This was my first outing since June, I didn’t even know been that long, time just passes by, despite the fact I have carers coming and going, weekly life drawing classes. I really needed some things, few things my partner would have no idea what to pick, where from so better that I do it, physically buy things, window shop too of course, in our local shopping centres/area, still in shock how many places have closed down after lockdown, it was struggling before pandemic, this just tipped it over, just like so many other shopping places.

My partner surprised me with a batch of full coverage nails (says on the packet), as at the moment I’m not going to the nail salon, I know it’s open just not ready/nor bothered at the moment, not that I don’t trust the nail salon, personal choice, still wanna look cute nonetheless. Also yes I know my little finger, it’s not perfect (my first time using/applying these nails, does the job, plus I wanted clear ones for now).

I like the cute ribbon that’s on the band, can we take a moment for the sofas in the background, any takers? yes, maybe, no…….

Also can take a moment the pay back you get just for going out for the afternoon, jeez, chronic life!!!!

Hope you all staying safe x


One thought on “Outfit Of The day. Shielding Has Ended.

  1. I like the colors on your mask. I also like your hairstyle. I think Gude was happy to go on an adventure with you.πŸ’›

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