My Brixton Accessibility Nightmare Rant. We Need To Do Better.

I have made a video, yes I know, where did that come from, I had to have an outlet on how I feel, and how so many others feel too.

Being disabled shouldn’t mean you are invisible, you are less of person, so often I am challenged like so many others. Travelling is a mission not just physically, mentally draining when you have to rely on assistance (for trains) and they are no show, or there is no access point period, the buses ramp doesn’t work, or the bus too full have to wait for another and another. Venues displaying they are accessible but lack of thought for disabled people. And I’m not going to be afraid to voice my opinions.

Please check out the video I made, let me know what you think, let’s have a chat.


2 thoughts on “My Brixton Accessibility Nightmare Rant. We Need To Do Better.

    1. Aww thank you πŸ™‚ appreciate you stopping by. Checked out your website, read couple of your reviews, liked them, about me section busy woman I see. And you too keep up the good work x

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