Let Down By Clairglow

Warning this blog post is a RANT.

All started with a letter in the post that arrived beginning of October 2017, prior to this had letter about the property needing upgrade in a letter that came 21st September 2017 about you hear in due course about a company that be doing the work. Already alarm bells kicked in, why on earth wasn’t this done during the warmer months, but hey it’s ok don’t worry about us chronic ill people that can be sensitive to the cold, I know some who isn’t ill can be too. I had the surveyor visit on 12th October 2017 (furniture had to be moved away from the heaters, so measurements could be taken), I got told 3 days the work will be taken place, plumber do pipes, heaters, and boiler. The electrician put the programmer on, put a new thermostat on the wall (digital side of things). A builder to neaten everywhere up, fill all the holes, put skirting on, cover the boiler the boiler underneath. Then also a flusher… I didn’t know this span over WEEKS, and counting…..

19th October 2017 at 8am plumber arrived, furniture moved, areas free for him to do the work, put dust sheets on areas he was working on, however still left incredible amount of DUST EVERYWHERE, I mean everywhere, grains in the air, and whilst doing the heaters the flames from that was not pleasant, should of came with warning, didn’t know there be vacuum noises for long periods too, once again warning. The job was done near 2pm. Sadly I had asthma attack, my body couldn’t physically take it, had to be in the garden for awhile, to get that nice polluted air where I live, haha. Had to have my air dehumidifier in my bedroom, that night was hard to sleep, coughing, throat, chest ache. Cleaning was tough that day, after all that.


The plumber thought this was good idea to put the MagnaClean (the black tub you see in the above pic) on the right hand side not the left, so it’s near the wall (corner), you know bit more discreet, out the way, even had room underneath the the surface board, even more hidden, but hey take up more room of the kitchen, actually lose space with the new boiler, even though it’s smaller…

Here is the gaping hole at the back, outside view of the kitchen….

Yes excellent job!!!!

Space, simple maths….

Here is some more holes.


Yes because you want to live with holes while it’s getting colder, having the outside in the kitchen. So using paper to cover it, it gets better. You will have to wait until 26th October 2017 to have builder come over, fill the gaps in… Have builder randomly come to mine on 24th October to check on what work needs to be done, looks at the boiler programmer, he goes needs to move, as cannot neaten that area up, so electrician needs to move it, oh ok. It keeps getting better. 25th October morning, no phone call, no warning AGAIN, this time it’s supervisor BARGES right past me when I answer the door, didn’t get time to find out his name, I was in the mist getting ready for hospital appointment, so my focus was on my appointment, so it threw me right off.. Not only did he go into my kitchen WITHOUT permission, he was pushy, even when repeatedly said you need to go, as I’m heading out in a mo, he was like oh only take an hour, I said NO, I am busy, standing there, whilst I’m just in my robe, like I said I was midst of getting ready didn’t have my clothes on yet, being forceful so when will you be back, I don’t know, all I was thinking I really don’t want to be late for my appointment, just go already, asking me what I’m doing, what time you be back, what I do with my day, and what time is none of your business, this wasn’t scheduled…. So Clairglow do you think this acceptable? In no shape of form did I think he was chatting me up, that wasn’t it, the way he went about the situation was COMPLETELY wrong. It rattled me so much, it’s contributed to one of the reasons why I am doing this blog post. The gift that keeps on giving. There’s more, that just nailed it.

You thinking wait a minute it’s the 26th October 2017 today, the day blog is posted, the electrician arrived late in the morning, but you know how it is, between such and such time. Comes move the programmer, done before 12pm. The builder meant to come anytime after 12pm, furniture moved once again, in prep for builder, kitchen once again everything moved from that area… At this point, very tired, very achey, trying to stay up right, as knew if lay down that be it, won’t be getting up again. Have missed call, but my phone doesn’t ring, signal in and out don’t know why, call back, this after 4, as I’m thinking nobody has turned up, where is he, ring Clairglow, they said tried to call, guess what HIS NOT COMING, WTF, I ask why, the reason was pile of crap, the builder is booked up, I ask again why, his booked for PM job, get this because the electrician was there, wait what, so his booked out, A. the electrician was AM job, over by PM, even if he was still there, could of carried out the other jobs while electrician was there, then done that section once he gone, as the job was done in minutes, oh gets better, continues, the earliest available slot they have is now 3rd November 2017 8am, guess who’s got appointment at the GP’s that same day, me, but later on, so another exhausting day, they said if any cancellations they ring, might get slot before. All the furniture moved back, I can’t explain the disruption this has caused me, physically and mentally, leaving gaps, thank you for my safety, for someone who suffers with non epileptic seizures, and can fall at any given time, thank you Clairglow for the extra stress I DO NOT NEED, thank you for thinking about someone who’s disabled, wait you haven’t, thank you for sending a man to integrate me because that really helps with anxiety, wait you didn’t think about that, thank you for leaving my home in semi mess because I love living with gaps, and holes, wait you are (for now). The time it has consumed, interruptions, waiting around, won’t lie as type this, I feel physically like shit, extra achey, knowing have to go through all this again at later date, sends me in terror, I just want this done with, so can go back to normality, as every time worker comes means more extra cleaning.

Rant Over!!!




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