Hen Do

Hello, as always it’s been awhile since I’ve Blogged, I have been busy planning our wedding. Thankfully my middle sister planned her birthday celebration and combined my Hen Do into the weekend celebrations.

I loved the notice my sister done, yes this was in March.

Down to the decor my sister done, it was lovely to have my other sister, niece and Mum there, as we don’t all live close to one another, after the last crazy two years with the pandemic, you appreciate the time more with loved ones.

My niece bought me this lovely ‘Bride To Be’ pjs, soft silky material.

Oh and the sash have on, the birthday lady aka my sister aka Ge bought this for me. We had food, drinks, music, chatter away, just good vibes all round. Next day, had lovely Afternoon tea spread, yummy, my sister thought of everything, like I said good vibes only.

This is how I arrive..

This is my sisters place, so no I am not doing weights, and yes didn’t have my walking stick present in the pic, as I was only standing for few seconds to take the pics, I am still chronically ill (and disabled).

And this is me leaving in Uber car, haha..

Yep couldn’t even be bothered to put on clothes, so went out in the pj’s, hair bonnet on and Star Wars robe that I borrowed from my partner, hehe. Sign of good weekend πŸ™‚

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