First Time Out Since Lockdown

Here in the UK (England) us shielders aka self isolation (people in high risk category) we was told by the government to stay at home and do not leave your home, for 12 weeks (in the end knocked off a week I think) however for me I hadn’t left my home since week before lockdown. So imagine have no idea how the new world looks other than commentaries from my partner/family/friends/carers, the pics they took and what I saw online/on TV.

Me ready to go and see what’s life about, besides my little bubble.

Yes I am wearing Hello Kitty mask, it’s me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Disclaimer This was me on a GOOD DAY, I am ambulatory wheelchair user, not miracle I can walk with my crutch, and I stayed near home.

I didn’t realise I was wearing such busy outfit, every item besides my tracksuit had patterns on them, look it’s been 3 months since been out, fashion wasn’t my priority haha, not that I’m fashionable in the slightest.

Being out with the dog (Holly) and my partner felt like comfort, us being out as family, I waited until I was ready to go out which took place Monday 8th June at quiet time on cloudy day so less people around, as my first time back into society.

And like Holly (our dog) felt free, as couldn’t just go to park like everyone else, living in London it’s already chaotic need I say no more, but Lockdown brought out everyone to be outside, so this time I had outside in the fields, big open space, to be in the moment, it was emotional experience seeing squirrels in the woods across the road, I wanted to cry but I knew couldn’t touch my face, so had to keep it together, which I did. But like little things, crossing the road, being beyond home, seeing all the notices everywhere, square x’s on the floor outside the shops etc, it just seemed so weird to me, a lot to take in, seeing places closed (remember this was before 15th June reopening).

This was huge achievement for me, as I’m somebody naturally gets anxious going out in general so not being out, and everything has changed yeah mentally and physically this was a challenge, also forgotten when I go out how much pain I’m in afterwards wow, when that adrenaline leaves you are hit with a truck, but like I said in that moment could just enjoy the here and now.

How was ya experience going out for the first time in Lockdown, whether that’s returning to work, going to the park for the first time, shopping etc?! x


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